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autoconf 2.13 -> 2.50 for libiberty in gcc-2.95.3

From: Maurice Lombardi
Subject: autoconf 2.13 -> 2.50 for libiberty in gcc-2.95.3
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 17:36:52 +0200
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Has anybody adjusted configure.in in the libiberty directory for autoconf 2.50 ?

Follows is the relevant exchange of messages on the comp.os.msdos.djgpp list which explains the problem:

Maurice Lombardi wrote:

>> > I have updated to the last autoconf to 2.50 today from simtelnet >(acnf250b.zip
>> time stamp 20010603), together with the last m4-14b.zip (time stamp 20010526)
>> (previously I used acnf213b)
>> I use autoconf routinely to recompile gcc 2.953/gpc for new gpc snapshots.
>> There is now a failure while gcc-path.sh of gcc2953s2 runs autoconf on
>> configure.in in the libiberty directory (of gcc-2.95.3.tar.gz) for missing
>> three functions:
>> With the previous version I see that these functions are used or defined in >> the files
>> %djgpp%/share/autoconf/acspecific.m4
>> autoconf.m4f
>> autoheader.m4f
>> With this version I see them nowhere.
>> What to do?  are these functions obsolete ? supply values in config.site ?
> Those macros were _internal_ to autoconf (though they were indeed
> used in many thrid-party macro's and configure.in's).  They are no
> longer used
> by the current compiler checks.
> In most cases where these are used, they're intended to help with
> cross-compiling;
> for autoconf 2.50 this is less of an issue.  It should be ok to simply
> remove
> these macros from configure.in.  If that still causes problems, please
> send a
> message to address@hidden  I'm sure at least one person on that
> list will
> have adjusted the libiberty config for 2.50.
> -- Tim Van Holder - Anubex N.V.

Removing is not enough

Thanks in advance

       Maurice Lombardi
Laboratoire de  Spectrometrie Physique,
Universite Joseph Fourier de Grenoble, BP87
38402 Saint Martin d'Heres Cedex     FRANCE
Tel: 33 (0)4 76 51 47 51
Fax: 33 (0)4 76 51 45 44

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