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CVS autoconf small problems when srcdir != builddir

From: Nicolas Joly
Subject: CVS autoconf small problems when srcdir != builddir
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 10:49:12 +0200
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I tested CVS autoconf on my Tru64 v5.1 workstation in conditions where
srcdir != builddir. With vendor make (yes, i know it sucks ...), i
found that `acversion.m4' is always regenerated (info files too, but
this is for automake). All this works as expected with GNU make.

The problem is that Tru64 `make' do not that `acversion.m4' and
`$(srcdir)/acversion.m4' are the same when srcdir == `.'

The simple fix is to rewrite

acversion.m4: $(srcdir)/acversion.in $(srcdir)/configure.in
        sed 's,@VERSION\@,$(VERSION),g' $(srcdir)/acversion.in >acversion.tm4
        mv acversion.tm4 $(srcdir)/acversion.m4


$(srcdir)/acversion.m4: $(srcdir)/acversion.in $(srcdir)/configure.in
        sed 's,@VERSION\@,$(VERSION),g' $(srcdir)/acversion.in >acversion.tm4
        mv acversion.tm4 $(srcdir)/acversion.m4

Thanks in advance.

Nicolas Joly

Informatique Scientifique
Institut Pasteur, Paris.

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