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Re: Problems with autoupdate

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: Problems with autoupdate
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 19:27:44 +0200

> You should run autoupdate with --verbose and --debug:
>         ./testsuite 10
>         ../autoupdate -A .. --verbose --debug

Done, output captured as verbose-run.out.

> and to try to dig into the file which is guilty.  Most probably
> $tmp/input.m4.
Well, there are several differences in the temp files; most notable
is the fact that au.m4 is empty.  Also, ac.m4 and disable.m4 don't
seem to have the entries for the builtins.

> Then try to run it say with M4='m4 -dV' to have a clue of where the
> problem is.

Also done, output captured as verbose-run-m4-dV.out.

I've attached those two files, zipped up along with the $tmp dir.
Sorry about the size; the 'm4 -dV' was rather large.

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