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Re: autoconf 2.52

From: Pieter Bowman
Subject: Re: autoconf 2.52
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 12:36:44 -0600 (MDT)

>> ...
>> (Note that that this f77-f2c wrapper does not come standard with MacOS
>> X, and g77 3.0 supports MacOS X, I believe.)
>> ...

I should have mentioned that up front.  This f77 script is the "fc"
script which comes with f2c.  I guess my only point in sending this
along, is that a really broken f77 command can wipe out the "make
check" for autoconf.

>> ...
>> 1) If there is some special verbose flag that your f77 script uses, we can
>> easily support it.  Currently, we check:  -v -verbose --verbose -V -\#\#\#
>> ...

There is none.  I checked the most recent version of "fc" from the
netlib f2c distribution and it's not there either.

>> ...
>> Obviously, we would prefer (1), but if it not practical I would not feel
>> too guilty about (3)...
>> ...

This is probably not worth worrying about.


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