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Traces issue on DOS resolved

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Traces issue on DOS resolved
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 19:49:27 +0200

Hmm - apparently, the DJGPP port of Perl is not without
its problems.  It is the cause of the lost traces.
For whatever reason (I'll have to delve deeper to find
out exactly what) it breaks m4's --error-output option.
So when the m4 command run by autom4te is run directly
from the shell, or through system() from a C program,
it produces a traces file, but if run from Perl's
system() function, it produces an empty traces file.
As a workaround, I now have autom4te run

   m4 ... 2>traces >output

instead of

  m4 --error-output=traces ... >output

and that seems to work.
I'll try to find a better way; if that is not possible,
and the above change is viable on other platforms (don't
see why not) I'll submit a patch to that effect.
I'll run the full testsuite later tonight to see what
issues remain.

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