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Re: autoconf under cygwin creates broken files

From: Uwe Seimet
Subject: Re: autoconf under cygwin creates broken files
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 14:23:58 +0200
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> Uwe> AC_OUTPUT(config/Make.rules:config/Make.rules.in:../config/Make.rules.in
> Uwe> \ Makefile \ include/Makefile \ include/JTCC/Makefile \
> Uwe> src/Makefile \ test/Makefile \ demo/Makefile)
> Uwe> results in a broken configure script on a cygwin
> Uwe> environment. This is what is created by autoconf on
> Uwe> Windows/cygwin:
> If you find it, good, I don't know where to look at (well, I have an
> idea, but don't know what to do).  For a start, just don't use \ at all.

That's what we currently do as a work-around ;-). I'm afraid I also don't
know where to look for this, in particular because I'm not familiar with the
autoconf sources.

Best regards,   Uwe

 Dr. Uwe Seimet                                    mailto:address@hidden
 IONA - Total Business Integration(tm)             http://www.orbacus.com

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