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autoconf requires $(prefix)/bin in $PATH

From: Ralf Corsepius
Subject: autoconf requires $(prefix)/bin in $PATH
Date: 23 Nov 2001 06:50:47 +0100


autoconf-cvs seems to require to have autoconf's installation prefix in


Given autoconf-cvs installed to /opt/gnu, but not having /opt/gnu/bin in

Now trying to bootstrap an autoconfizcated package by calling auto*tools
manually with absolute paths:
# /opt/gnu/bin/aclocal
# /opt/gnu/bin/autoconf
/opt/dev/bin/autoconf: exec: autom4te: not found

I am not actually sure if this qualifies to be a bug. IMHO, it is at
least severely error-prone and opens autoconf to all kind of weird
bootstrap errors if using different auto*tools versions simulaneously.

>From my POV, the core question is: Is autom4te an internal
implementation detail or is it an official, user-visible and
user-invocable tool of the autoconf package? 

If the former applies, then the behavior above is a bug (we might
probably want to put autom4te into libexecdir or similar, then), if the
latter applies, the problem is a DUE (dumb user error) and a design
problem in autoconf's working principle (calling the first-best autom4te
it finds).


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