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first pass #17 failed

From: root
Subject: first pass #17 failed
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 11:12:15 -0800

139: acfunctions.at:16 ok
140: acfunctions.at:17 FAILED near `acfunctions.at:17'
141: acfunctions.at:18 ok

... not sure what else the problem was, but looked like second
pass in verbose mode was sucessful.

I'm trying to configure/compile new php cvs source, and keep tripping
on an aut[3~[3~[3~[3~ (ug)
on a libtool configuration problem.  I was using libtool1.4.2, b[3~
I've baced (backed out to 1.4, and an(m) installing autoconf and automake
as per the php anoncvs instructins.

I don't think the bug I've sent in is the cause, but any thoughts on getting the
three tools to work correctly on Redhat 6.2 witha  previous install would be 

-Bob Kaehms

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