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Re: make check errors in autoconf 2.52

From: John Gallet
Subject: Re: make check errors in autoconf 2.52
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 21:59:34 +0100

Hi there,

> If it's any consolation, he shouldn't need us to add LC_MONETARY if
> wwe assume the latest CVS version, as it should set LC_ALL='C' on his
> host, which means that LC_MONETARY's setting should be irrelevant for
> him.  

As far as I am concerned, I can add any environment variable you might
want me to. The make check command produced some errors, so I reported
them to try to help you out, I am not reporting an "I don't know what to
do please help a newbye" situation.

And so far, I have been able to compile whatever I needed to, especially
PHP for adding my own module developments (except for some annoying
incompatibilities between autoconf, automake and libtool).

>So the only reason to add LC_MONETARY is for ancient,
> nonstandard systems.
I am not quite sure my system is that "ancient, non standard". FYI, it
is an out-of-the "install clickodrome"(tm) Mandrake 7.2

If there is anything I can do to help you make autoconf better, please
tell me (system config, whatever), but I do not "need" help about making
it work, it works, and thanks to you and all the guys who wrote it for
this tool.

John Gallet
FAQ fr.comp.infosystemes.www.auteurs.php

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