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Re: autoconf problem building

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: autoconf problem building
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 19:19:48 +0100

> Tim> Oh dear - looks like your emacs ignores command lines it doesn't
> Tim> recognize and uses stdout as a terminal even if it isn't a tty...
> Tim> Does MicroEmacs even support Emacs Lisp packages?  If not, we
> Tim> should probably adjust the emacs test to disallow MicroEmacs.
> Correct.  Tim, would you handle this bug report please?


>  As a first
> stab, I would suggest to have `</dev/null' added:

Eurico, does adding "</dev/null" as below actually help?
(i.e. does 'emacs </dev/null' start up emacs normally, or
does it exit?)  Does it actually use Emacs Lisp, or some
other scripting system (if any)?

If not, does MicroEmacs have a --version option, or some other way
we can identify it?  Then at least we can check for it and avoid
running it.

>        [AC_RUN_LOG([$EMACS -batch -q -eval '(while load-path 
> (princ (concat (car load-path) "\n")) (setq load-path (cdr 
> load-path)))' >conftest.out])
> =>
>         [AC_RUN_LOG([$EMACS -batch -q -eval '(while load-path 
> (princ (concat (car load-path) "\n")) (setq load-path (cdr 
> load-path)))' >conftest.out < /dev/null])
> Actually, I *strongly* suggest that it be added.  Would you also
> handle the Automake part?

Sure.  Is this required for anything other than this problem?
If not, it might not be needed (as we should probably reject
MicroEmacs in the first place, so this would never be run to
begin with).

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