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Re: [GNU Autoconf 2.53] testsuite.log: 126 failures

From: A Braunsdorf
Subject: Re: [GNU Autoconf 2.53] testsuite.log: 126 failures
Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2002 11:41:12 -0500

In message <address@hidden>, Akim Demaille writes:
> | Don't you think I should at least try replacing it with 4.0.4 before
> | you worry about it in autoconf?
> I'm sure it works fine with it: I do use it.  I'm sure there are other
> people out there using Darwin, and I want to kill the bug before they
> all come and knock at my door.

Ouch.  I tried 4.0.4 and it didn't work either.

> | I've trimmed off the first half of the output which is our /etc/profile
> | setting the path.  Here's the good part:
> Arg.  Are you sure you missed no part at all?  I failed to see what
> tests/autoconf said.

I just sent the second run (with the newline inthe arguments).
Other than that, it should be complete except I just noticed one
thing.  It runs /etc/profile, then my dotfiles, then:

+ me=+ echo ../../autoconf
+ me=+ sed -e s,.*[\/],,
+ me=autoconf 
+ /Users/ab/Desktop/autoconf-2.53/bin/autoconf --include 
/Users/ab/Desktop/autoconf-2.53/lib -d -v -f -t TRACE1: Hello world!

then /etc/profile again, then my dotfiles again, then what I sent

> | |+ traces=+ echo TRACE1:
> | |+ traces=+ sed s/'/'\\''/g
> | |+ traces= --trace='TRACE1:' 
> I don't get it.  Either it hides something, or it really lost the
> second line...

I see a "Hello" in there, but is that from the command line or
somewhere else?

> Can you replace bin/autoconf (not tests/autoconf) with
> the one attached below?  And run ./testsuite 3 again?  Thanks!

It's taking a fantastic amount of time to run.  I'll get back to


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