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Re: Zsh 3 and ${1+"$@"} (Was: [GNU Autoconf 2.53] testsuite.log: 126 fai

From: Peter Stephenson
Subject: Re: Zsh 3 and ${1+"$@"} (Was: [GNU Autoconf 2.53] testsuite.log: 126 failures)
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 12:05:30 +0100

Akim Demaille wrote:
> | I think the problem you are running across is that with the option
> | SH_WORD_SPLIT set (as it is for sh compatibility), you get this behaviour:
> | 
> | % set 'one two'
> | % for arg in ${1+"$@"}; do echo $arg; done
> | one
> | two
> | 
> | whereas you expect `one two' on the same line.  
> `you' == akim, or == the sh standard?

Both, presumably, although I haven't explicitly followed through the
standard.  (It's kind of irrelevant, since you (akim) are explicitly
trying to work around eccentricities.)

> | This problem is still in
> | zsh 4 --- inside another substitution, either it's splitting all words
> | on spaces, or it's splitting none.
> I'm sure I understand you here, given that Zsh 4 exhibiting the
> behavior I (Akim :) was expecting.

Not for me...

% zsh -f
% setopt shwordsplit
% set 'one word' 'two words'
% for arg in ${1+"$@"}; do echo $arg; done
% print $ZSH_VERSION

Same in 4.0.  Possibly you tried it without shwordsplit --- remember
it's only set by default if you invoke zsh in sh-compatibility mode.

> Finally, one question: do you know if Apple plans to continue with Zsh
> 3?  Why did they stick to it?

There's a story they're going to switch to bash, but it's difficult to
get information --- we've only ever heard second hand from someone who
knows someone etc. etc...

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