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autoconf-2.53 bugs in install.texi

From: Martin MOKREJŠ
Subject: autoconf-2.53 bugs in install.texi
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 21:37:37 +0200 (CEST)

  I've managed to compiled but not to install completely the above on
Truy64Unix 5.1:

$ make install
Making install in doc
/bin/bash ../config/mkinstalldirs /home/users/mokrejs/info
 /usr/local/bin/ginstall -c -m 644 ./autoconf.info 
 /usr/local/bin/ginstall -c -m 644 ./standards.info 
 install-info --info-dir=/home/users/mokrejs/info 
 install-info --info-dir=/home/users/mokrejs/info 
cd .  && /bin/bash /scratch/mokrejs/autoconf-2.53/config/missing --run makeinfo 
--no-split    `echo install.texi | sed 's,.*/,,'`
Making info file `install.info' from `install.texi'.
install.texi:19: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:19: Misplaced {.
install.texi:19: Misplaced }.
install.texi:26: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:26: Misplaced {.
install.texi:26: Misplaced }.
install.texi:29: Unknown command `option'.
install.texi:29: Misplaced {.
install.texi:29: Misplaced }.
install.texi:30: Unknown command `option'.
install.texi:30: Misplaced {.
install.texi:30: Misplaced }.
install.texi:35: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:35: Misplaced {.
install.texi:35: Misplaced }.
install.texi:55: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:55: Misplaced {.
install.texi:55: Misplaced }.
install.texi:57: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:57: Misplaced {.
install.texi:57: Misplaced }.
install.texi:74: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:74: Misplaced {.
install.texi:74: Misplaced }.
install.texi:86: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:86: Misplaced {.
install.texi:86: Misplaced }.
install.texi:89: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:89: Misplaced {.
install.texi:89: Misplaced }.
install.texi:104: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:104: Misplaced {.
install.texi:104: Misplaced }.
install.texi:105: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:105: Misplaced {.
install.texi:105: Misplaced }.
install.texi:106: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:106: Misplaced {.
install.texi:106: Misplaced }.
install.texi:107: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:107: Misplaced {.
install.texi:107: Misplaced }.
install.texi:108: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:108: Misplaced {.
install.texi:108: Misplaced }.
install.texi:109: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:109: Misplaced {.
install.texi:109: Misplaced }.
install.texi:111: Unknown command `command'.
install.texi:111: Misplaced {.

Martin Mokrejs <address@hidden>
PGP5.0i key is at http://www.natur.cuni.cz/~mmokrejs
MIPS / Institute for Bioinformatics <http://mips.gsf.de>
GSF - National Research Center for Environment and Health
Ingolstaedter Landstrasse 1, D-85764 Neuherberg, Germany
tel.: +49-89-3187 3616 , fax: +49-89-3187 3585

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