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Re: autoconf-2.53 bugs in install.texi

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: autoconf-2.53 bugs in install.texi
Date: 25 Apr 2002 14:30:21 +0200
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| No suffix list.
| /bin/bash ../config/mkinstalldirs /home/users/mokrejs/bin
|  /usr/local/bin/ginstall -c autom4te /home/users/mokrejs/bin/autom4te
|               ---------------------------------------------------^ isnn't 
that a typo?


| cd .  && /bin/bash /scratch/mokrejs/autoconf-2.53/config/missing --run 
makeinfo --no-split    `echo install.texi | sed 's,.*/,,'`
| ./install.texi:14: `Basic Installation' has no Up field.
| ./install.texi:82: `Compilers and Options' has no Up field.
| ./install.texi:99: `Multiple Architectures' has no Up field.
| ./install.texi:117: `Installation Names' has no Up field.
| ./install.texi:142: `Optional Features' has no Up field.
| ./install.texi:159: `System Type' has no Up field.
| ./install.texi:195: `Sharing Defaults' has no Up field.
| ./install.texi:208: `Defining Variables' has no Up field.
| ./install.texi:227: `configure Invocation' has no Up field.
| ./install.texi:14: warning: unreferenced node `Basic Installation'.
| ./install.texi:82: warning: unreferenced node `Compilers and Options'.
| ./install.texi:99: warning: unreferenced node `Multiple Architectures'.
| ./install.texi:117: warning: unreferenced node `Installation Names'.
| ./install.texi:142: warning: unreferenced node `Optional Features'.
| ./install.texi:159: warning: unreferenced node `System Type'.
| ./install.texi:195: warning: unreferenced node `Sharing Defaults'.
| ./install.texi:227: warning: unreferenced node `configure Invocation'.

It should _not_ run makeinfo anyway.  Is your tarball sane?  Is your
make sane?  Also, it should not run this command either.  Your make is
probably broken.  Try GNU Make.

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