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Five $5000 Blackout jackpots every night

From: Daily Offers
Subject: Five $5000 Blackout jackpots every night
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 10:06:01 EDT

Just Imagine, A Galaxy of FUN & GAMES. Well stop dreaming and check out ASTRO BINGO, where you can play Seven Days a week, morning and evening for CASH and there is a guaranteed winner on every game!!

AstroBingo is the fastest growing online bingo site with Fun and Games every minute, every hours and every day.

Find out why so many players are joining www.AstroBingo.com:

  • Forty-Nine $1000 EZ-Blackout jackpots daily. The EZ-iest online bingo jackpot to win.
  • Five $5000 Blackout jackpots every night.
  • Big Jackpots and Generous Bonuses.
  • Chat Room Games-Trivia, Lottery, Turtle Race, Name That Tune and more...
  • Happy Hours; Red Eye Specials, Vampire Hours, Early Bird Specials, Siesta Specials...!
  • Special theme nights every nite.
  • Two game rooms - 5 / 10 cents game room open 6 hours everyday!

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