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Re: other OS/390 peculiarities

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: other OS/390 peculiarities
Date: 07 Jun 2002 17:24:58 +0200
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| [The configure script has been created with autoconf 2.53.]
| Here another strange thing with OS/390's C++ compiler:
|   configure:2121: checking whether c++ accepts -g
|   configure:2145: c++ -c -g  conftest.cc >&5
|   FSUM3010 Specify a file with the correct suffix
|            (.cpp, .hh, .i, .c, .i, .s, .o, .x, .p, .I, or .a),
|            or a corresponding data set name, instead of conftest.cc. 
|   configure:2148: $? = 1
| The C++ compiler on this platform needs the option `-+' to accept
| files ending with `.cc'.
| The test for checking header files fails like this:
|   configure:3292: checking for stdint.h
|   configure:3305: cc -c -g -D_ALL_SOURCE  conftest.c >&5
|   WARNING CCN3296 ./conftest.c:3339  #include file <stdint.h> not found.
|   FSUM3065 The COMPILE step ended with return code 4.
|   configure:3308: $? = 0
| A missing <sys/dir.h> is properly recognized:
|   configure:3428: WARNING: sys/dir.h: accepted by the compiler,
|                   rejected by the preprocessor!
|   configure:3430: WARNING: sys/dir.h: proceeding with the
|                   preprocessor's result  

I don't know how to interpret this part.  You trimmed too much of
config.log.  What can cause the preproc to reject a file, and the
compiler to accept it?  I expected to see the converse situation some
day, but definitely not that one.

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