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Re: autoconf port to z/OS

From: James Tison
Subject: Re: autoconf port to z/OS
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 12:42:15 -0400

Hello Werner,

I will approach IBM's Corporate Open Source Steering Committee with a
request for a disclaimer of rights. I have no idea, personally, how long
this process takes, so please be prepared to stay in touch for a while -
I've heard it's quite a long process. The Redbook project already went
through OSSC for clearance to distribute, so I'd imagine this won't be too

I will keep your e-mail address and keep you posted on progress.

(PS - I already belong to the address@hidden mailing list ... can I be
added to "bug"?)

Thank you,
James S. Tison
Senior Software Engineer
TPF Laboratory / Architecture
IBM Corporation
+1 203 486-2835 (voice/fax)

                      Werner LEMBERG                                            
                      <address@hidden>             To:       James 
                                               cc:       Michael 
MacIsaac/Poughkeepsie/address@hidden, address@hidden                      
                      06/25/2002 06:13         Subject:  autoconf port to z/OS  


can you get a disclaimer from IBM so that your z/OS (OS/390) changes
to autoconf can be incorporated into autoconf?

autoconfers, the modified version 2.13 is available from


z/OS contains enough peculiarities to make autoconf 2.53 fail


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