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Re: AC_ARG_VAR 2.53

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: AC_ARG_VAR 2.53
Date: 04 Sep 2002 11:10:24 +0200
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>>>>> "Pontus" == Pontus Skoeld <address@hidden> writes:

Pontus>         Hi,


Pontus> I'm having problem with autoconf and precious
Pontus> variables. Basically, by the documentation for AC_ARG_VAR (and
Pontus> the note about declaring variables passed to AC_CHECK_PROG)
Pontus> I'm led to believe I can make any variable precious and the
Pontus> following should work:

Pontus> if test -z "$FOO_PROG"; then
Pontus> AC_PATH_PROG(FOO_PROG,foo,missing) fi


Pontus> and if the user runs

Pontus> $ PATH=$PATH:/path/to/foo ./configure

Pontus> config.status --recheck will pass FOO_PROG to configure, but
Pontus> that seems not to be the case.

Yes, that's the correct behavior: what is actually precious is the
value specified by the user, not what the script computes.

Pontus> I have noted that everything works as expected if the user
Pontus> passes FOO_PROG to configure (either by running

Pontus> $ FOO_PROG=/path/to/foo/foo ./configure

Pontus> or

Pontus> $ ./configure FOO_PROG=/path/to/foo/foo

Pontus> it works as expected (config.status feeds configure with
Pontus> FOO_PROG=/path/to/foo/foo when I do --recheck).

Actually, it seems to me that you suggest that PATH be precious.
That's a good idea.

Pontus> If this is not a bug but the way that precious variables are
Pontus> supposed to be used (i.e. it's impossible to "create" precious
Pontus> variables) I think it should be stressed in the documentation
Pontus> for AC_ARG_VAR.

Please, suggest a better wording!

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