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Re: problems with c89 and c++ on z/OS

From: James Tison
Subject: Re: problems with c89 and c++ on z/OS
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 03:24:55 +0200

The PMR (problem report) was closed, "working as designed". Ugh. I see I'm
going to have some FUN!!

James S. Tison
Senior Software Engineer
TPF Laboratory / Architecture
IBM Corporation
+1 203 486-2835 (voice/fax)

                      Akim Demaille                                             
                      <address@hidden>          To:       James 
                      Sent by: Akim            cc:       Werner LEMBERG 
<address@hidden>, address@hidden,                       
                      Demaille                  address@hidden, address@hidden  
                      <address@hidden        Subject:  Re: problems with c89 
and c++ on z/OS                                    
                      09/13/2002 11:05                                          

>>>>> "James" == James Tison <address@hidden> writes:

James> Werner, Paul:

James> Yet another workaround -- this one only works in z/OS V1R2 and
James> higher: add

James>       -Wc,HALTON\(CCN3296\)

James> to your command line (or xxxFLAGS), leaving _ACCEPTABLE_RC
James> alone. This should bypass the little normal warning stuff and
James> stop whenever the error message announcing unfound headers is
James> present.

James> I still have the problem report in the pipeline.

What did come out?

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