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Re: Autoheader @ interpolation

From: Carlos Velasco
Subject: Re: Autoheader @ interpolation
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 05:07:36 +0200

Tried with autoconf/autoheader 2.54 with the same result

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On 15/09/2002 at 3:47 Carlos Velasco wrote:

>In autoconf/autoheader 2.53
>I was trying to upgrade an old file when I stepped into this bug.
>Using AH_TOP to include a header into the template file resulted on:
>couldn't parse /tmp/ah79k8w8/traces.pl: In string, @andrew now must be
>written as address@hidden at /tmp/ah79k8w8/traces.pl line 22, near "@andrew"
>Editing the tmp file showed that perl string was like
>It seems that autoheader is not parsing "@" to "\@" when passing the
>string to perl.
>I have searched for this error:
>Carlos Velasco

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