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Re: current glibc vs debian sid

From: Franz Sirl
Subject: Re: current glibc vs debian sid
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 15:33:44 +0200

At 14:40 22.10.2002, Akim Demaille wrote:
>>>>> "Roland" == Roland McGrath <address@hidden> writes:

Roland> The coding standards say, "The configure script should also
Roland> take an argument which specifies the type of system to build
Roland> the program for."

It would be great if the standards could be updated in this regard.
There is way too much confusion coming from the existence of *two*
means to specify the various architecture.  The one based on options
being clearly superior (more intuitive and more control), the other
one should fade away.

Well, besides the coding standards problem, the main problem is that you can't emulate the old syntax with the new syntax and that the emulation of the old syntax isn't working correctly. So either the old syntax compatibility has to be fixed or it has to be rejected completely and the coding standards need updating then.

Fixing the new syntax requires a documented way to set $host_alias and $target_alias for a native build without triggering a cross-compile (doesn't auto-set $program_prefix, $ac_tool_prefix, etc.).

What always puzzles me on that issue is what is so difficult about deciding whether we have a cross or native build? After setting $canon_build, $canon_host and $canon_target (I'm using the canon_ prefix here cause the naked $build, $host, $target are documented as deprecated) the decision is simply:

        if "$canon_build$canon_host" == "$canon_target$canon_target"
         if "$canon_host" == "$canon_target"

After that $cross_compile should be displayed to the user and all auto-settings/uses of variables like $program_prefix and $ac_tool_prefix should be keyed off it.


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