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config said "Report this bug..."

From: Ben Paley
Subject: config said "Report this bug..."
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 21:23:27 +0100
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I just installed FreeBSD 5.1 rc1 from a cd (rc1 rather than the latest cos 
that's what I had and I'm on a 56k dialup - I've been using freebsd since 
about 4.2) and had (am having) some problems with konsole crashing - it's a 
known bug and, apparently, fixed in the ports tree for about a month... so I 
cvsupped the new ports and did

portupgrade kdebase

it failed once, so I did it again and redirected to a file called kdefail - 
when I started to look at it I noticed it told me to tell you about this.

So, I'm attaching that file which is the stdout from that attempt to compile 
kdebase, and also the results of pkg_info and uname -a.

Dunno if you can help, or even if you really want to know about this, just 
doing what I'm told like a good citizen.


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