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automake-1.7b feedback (4)

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: automake-1.7b feedback (4)
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 19:02:42 +0100
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With automake-1.7b, autom4te.cache is back. Although I have in my
$HOME/.autom4te.cfg exactly the lines recommended by the autoconf-2.59
documentation for "disabling Autoconf caches globally", namely

$ cat ~/.autom4te.cfg 
begin-language: "Autoconf"
args: --no-cache
end-language: "Autoconf"

Invoking "aclocal" from automake-1.7b again generates a autom4te.cache
directory. This doesn't occur with "aclocal" from the 1.7.8 series. So
either aclocal needs to be fixed, or the instructions need to be
updated in the autoconf documentation. The following appears to work for

$ cat ~/.autom4te.cfg 
begin-language: "Autoconf"
args: --no-cache
end-language: "Autoconf"
begin-language: "Autoconf-without-aclocal-m4"
args: --no-cache
end-language: "Autoconf-without-aclocal-m4"


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