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Autoconf 2.58 test failures on AIX 4.3.3

From: Grubb, Richard L
Subject: Autoconf 2.58 test failures on AIX 4.3.3
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 08:51:17 -0600

I compiled autoconf 2.58 and tried to run the testsuite with 'make check'. It 
responded soon with a message that it was unable to delete the /tmp/am4t* 
files. So I dug into the tests/autom4te script and decided to add the -d option 
so that the script executed the following:

exec /acct/rlg0301/PROGS/C/UNIX/autoconf-2.58/bin/$as_me -d\
          -B /acct/rlg0301/PROGS/C/UNIX/autoconf-2.58/lib \
          -B /acct/rlg0301/PROGS/C/UNIX/autoconf-2.58/lib ${1+"$@"}

Then the bin/autom4te script checked the syntax of shell scripts (ok) and began 
checking the syntax of Perl scripts. Either I messed up by deleting the 
/tmp/sh* files (thinking that the testsuite was finished with them) or 
something else happened and the testsuite crashed. So I dug into the 
tests/testsuite script and deleted test 1 from the variable at_groups_all and 
reran "make check". Sometime during all this investigation into the autom4te 
and testsuite scripts, I also decided I needed to add a directory and some 
symbolic links in my $HOME/share directory. I added the directory 
$HOME/share/autoconf, and in that directory, symbolic links autom4te.cfg -> 
$HOME/(some intermediate directories)/autoconf-2.58/lib/autom4te.cfg and 
Autom4te -> $HOME/(intermediate directories)/autoconf-2.58/lib/Autom4te. Then 
the testsuites ran to completion, but with 41 unexpected failures (and it ran 
very slowly).

I have attached the testsuit.log file, but as I don't have any immediate plans 
to use autoconf, it may be while before I learn how to use it and start 
checking into these failures.

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