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Substitution of SHELL and CONFIG_SHELL

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Substitution of SHELL and CONFIG_SHELL
Date: 09 Feb 2004 22:54:42 +0100
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When running configure generated by autoconf-2.59 on Solaris,
CONFIG_SHELL gets set to /bin/bash, which is ok. But then the value
somehow leaks over to SHELL, resulting in


being substituted into all my Makefiles. Is there a good reason for
that? Rules in Makefiles are generally written for /bin/sh, and unlike
configure, speed and availability of $LINENO doesn't really matter.

So I would generally feel a lot more comfortable with SHELL=/bin/sh in
the Makefiles.

I noticed this because only because one user couldn't got bash errors
when running make, and it turned out he had a set -u in his .bashrc.
To me, doing that unconditionally in .bashrc seems like a very broken
thing to do, but the problem would be avoided if make used plain
SHELL=/bin/sh to execute the rules, the way $DEITY intended it to do.


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