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Re: html texinfo install?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: html texinfo install?
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 16:57:36 -0500

    Doesn't pretty much every distribution use /usr/share/doc for this and
    other package documentation at this point?  

Sure, many distributions do this, on a per-package per-version basis as
far as I know.  /usr/share/doc/emacs-21.2, etc.  The distribution makers
do it all themselves, it's nothing specified in the GNU standards.

    This would be a pretty huge change for distributions, particularly
    since many of them have tools to index /usr/share/doc, web servers
    that serve it out to localhost, etc.

They don't have to change anything.  All that will happen is, if HTML
installation is enabled at installation, it'll also be available under
(say) /usr/share/texinfo/html/emacs/ -- just like /usr/share/info.

Anyway, on my redhat 9 system, ditto Debian (the two I can easily
check), HTML files are not installed for GNU packages -- precisely
because, I imagine, there is no standard target to do so, exactly what
we're trying to remedy.  It's just the ChangeLog, NEWS, README, and
other random files from the distribution.

Anyway, /usr/share/doc/package-version doesn't solve the cross-manual
xref problem, because of the -version and random subdirectory structure.

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