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'I FEEl Love' Article Your Requested

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Subject: 'I FEEl Love' Article Your Requested
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 11:47:13 -0500

 “Go Beyond Words to ‘Feel Love’ & Connect Deeply”

By Dan Klatt,
relationship coach and author

(538 words)

Many spiritual people have long talked about the value in giving their love 
away, to the plants, trees, animals, spirit and mineral kingdoms, and people.

They either verbally or through their thoughts say, “I love you,” and it helps 
the energy of love flow through their lives.

I’ve even based my livelihood on helping people love themselves and overcome 
their fear of rejection, through teaching them the five components of mastering 
unconditional love.

A few times each day I consciously give my love and blessings to my healing 
center, my flowers and the people I interact with, all unconditionally. And I 
express gratitude for all the blessings in my life, including these same people 
and things I have loved and blessed.

Recently a revelation came to me which greatly expands that flow of love, 
beyond the scope and limitation of words and thoughts.

Instead of just saying “I give you my love” or even “I love you,” I now 
express, “I feel love!”

I’m ask that you feel the power of that phrase, and say it out loud right now.

Don’t say it with your mouth, say it through your body, with your heart.

Feel the power of that expression?

For me it takes love into a higher dimension and has a great healing effect on 
everything touched by that high vibration.

I’m still integrating what this means to “feel love” instead of just expressing 
it, yet it helps me remember (and experience) that all things are part of the 
same “stuff” and that any separation I perceive is only illusion.

Before this new revelation, I had started to refer to everything as an Aspect 
of Divine Expression, because in my framework, we are all One, as individual 
expressions of All That Is. Yet that concept was more of an idea, and less of 
an experience within the “stuff” that I identify with as “me.”

Now, when I say “I feel love,” that perceived illusion of separation starts to 
disintegrate. (Curious how that word, “disintegrate”, suggests moving away from 
integration, as though we have to tear down our illusions to recognize that we 
are already One.)

When “I feel love,” there is only the experience of love. There is no me giving 
you love; there is no me receiving love from you. There is only the love.

It is a feeling, which transcends words.

It is an experience, not limited to space or time.

Maybe that’s the major shift that “I feel love” creates. “I love you” is 
limited to a connection between two people, or two things, such as a lover and 
a beloved. It remains within the physical world, in general.

“I feel love” seems to remove the confining effects of the physical world and 
at some level re-establishes the connection with being at One, which is True 

As I said, this is new information, and I’m still working with “I feel love.”

Yet I sense that each time “I feel love” I’m blowing a hole through the 
illusion of separation. My feeling is that when enough of us “feel love,” that 
illusion may permanently crumble.

That may lead to all of us fully feeling at One, living within Love, all ways.

I feel it.

(Dan Klatt, also known as “the Unconditional Love Guy,” wrote two books and 
created six CDs on unconditional love. He offers the customized “Daily Dose of 
Love” free through his “Unconditional Love for Life e-Community” at 
http://www.HealthyRelationship.com or by e-mailing address@hidden Also 
subscribe to the Unconditional Love Newsletter, by e-mailing 

(You may forward this article in its entirety, including this copyright notice. 
Copyright © 2002 by Dan Klatt. All right’s reserved.)

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