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Re: [GNU Autoconf 2.57] testsuite: 39 40 failed

From: Nicolas Joly
Subject: Re: [GNU Autoconf 2.57] testsuite: 39 40 failed
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 12:49:36 -0000
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On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 10:33:19AM +0200, Akim Demaille wrote:
>  > Akim Demaille wrote:
>  >>
>  >> Thanks for the report.  Error 40 is OK, but 39 is surprising.  Could
>  >> you please try the following tarball?  Thanks!
>  >>
>  >> <URL:http://www.lrde.epita.fr/~akim/download/autoconf-2.57c.tar.gz>
>  >>
>  > I did what you asked for. Here are the results.
>  > Why sed did not find at-times I do not know. It was and is there.
>  > "sed: Cannot find or open file
>  > /usr8/tmp/gnu/autoconf-2.57c/tests/testsuite.dir/at-times."
> I do not understand either.  I'll need your help, or someone else's
> here...

Same warning here, with Tru64 5.1A :

  1: Syntax of the shell scripts                  skipped (tools.at:71)
sed: Cannot find or open file 
  2: Syntax of the Perl scripts                   ok

the testsuite generate `at-times' file for successful tests, but
skipped or failed ones do not. If this is the first test, the sed
command will fail; but if `at-times' was already generated by previous
tests, it will be reused instead :-(.

I just checked it on an other platform (NetBSD -current) :

 52: AC_PROG_CPP requires AC_PROG_CC              ok
 53: AC_PROG_CPP with warnings                    ok
 54: AC_PROG_CPP without warnings                 skipped (c.at:145)
 55: AC_PROG_CPP via CC                           skipped (c.at:182)

and here is the corresponding testsuite.log lines :

52. AC_PROG_CPP requires AC_PROG_CC (c.at:101): ok      (0m9.84s 0m6.73s)
53. AC_PROG_CPP with warnings (c.at:112): ok    (0m16.16s 0m11.53s)
54. AC_PROG_CPP without warnings (c.at:142): skipped (c.at:145) (0m16.16s 
55. AC_PROG_CPP via CC (c.at:179): skipped (c.at:182)   (0m16.16s 0m11.53s)

Note the 53 54 and 55 execution times !

Nicolas Joly

Biological Software and Databanks.
Pasteur Institute, Paris.

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