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length of quadrigraph bug and autoconf info bug

From: Frederik Fouvry
Subject: length of quadrigraph bug and autoconf info bug
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 18:20:17 +0200 (CEST)


[I'm mailing this report because bugs.gnu.org refused connection.]

The first is a minor bug, the second a "normal" one.


In AC_HELP_STRING, the quadrigraphs (eg @<:@) are counted as too
long, and the indentation of messages is not correct:

This is the usual:
  --enable-FEATURE[=ARG]  include FEATURE [ARG=yes]

This is where they are considered to be of length 4 (the presumed
position is indicated with `.', and explains the

  --enable-unifier[=ARG]      .
                          use the unifier (default=tomabechi) Possible values
                          are: tomabechi, simple
  --enable-rcu[=ARG]      .
                          use the RCU extensions (default=no)
  --enable-shared[=PKGS]      .
                          build shared libraries [default=yes]

In some cases, the opposite seems to happen, but it's in fact the
same problem: when the square brackets have a length of 4, then
the text is supposed to begin one space after the end of the
option, i.e. in the usual column (again indicated by a period).

  --enable-yy[=ARG] use the YY extensions (default=yes)
  --with-icu[=DIR]  use the ICU library (default=yes)


info autoconf, or C-h i m autoconf (in Emacs) do not give the top
of the autoconf info files, but the section "Using `autoconf' to
Create `configure'".  `u u' brings one to the top.  I guess this
is due to two nodes with the same name in the info file.

Both of these have been around for some time.


Frederik Fouvry

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