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[Patch] add AC_EGREP_RAW macro to acgeneral.m4

From: Neil Horman
Subject: [Patch] add AC_EGREP_RAW macro to acgeneral.m4
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 14:50:27 -0500

hey all-
     Pach to add AC_EGREP_RAW to acgeneral.m4.  While working on an
autoconf script I found that AC_EGREP_HEADER doesn't allow you to grep
for #define-ed values, since AC_EGREP_HEADER passes input through cpp.
 The macro allows a standard, no preprocessing EGREP on a file.

 *Neil Horman
 *gpg keyid: 1024D / 0x92A74FA1

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