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Re: mbstate_t not properly detected

From: Denis Corbin
Subject: Re: mbstate_t not properly detected
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 22:34:30 +0100
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Hello Stepan,

Stepan Kasal wrote:
Hi Denis,

On Sun, Feb 20, 2005 at 04:30:32PM +0100, Denis Corbin wrote:

Thanks for your remark. I will remove AC_REPLACE_FNMATCH as I have no replacement function to provide.

if you are targeting platforms which could lack fnmatch, you can get a
replacement from the gnulib CVS on savannah.
(Files lib/fnmatch*, I think; part of the fnmatch module.)

OTOH, if you simply remove the AC_REPLACE_FNMATCH, then AC_TYPE_MBSTATE_T
won't be included, and the problem will disappear altogether, without
any need for the #undef.

Thank you for theses precious informations, actually none of the target platform I have access to, seems to have a broken fnmatch function. So, I will keep the AC_REPLACE_FNMATCH off for now, and try to remove the #undef hack, as you said it is not necessary in that latter case. But I will keep your explanations in a secure place, in case I need to port to a system with a broken or missing fnmatch.

Noah Misch wrote:

I would `#undef mbstate_t' immediately after including config.h in
each source file.  This is not too pleasing, but it will work with
released Autoconf.

If you need this hack anyway, and if you include config.h from several
places, you could use:

        AH_BOTTOM([#include "config-fixes.h"])

and put the #undef to config-fixes.h.

Hopefully I have the [#include "config.h"] statement wrapped in one of my own include file which contains additional informations, it is this later "own" include file which is used in all modules. So I had only one #undef to add :-)

Hope these comments will be useful,
        Stepan Kasal

Thanks again,


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