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Re: Configure error

From: Noah Misch
Subject: Re: Configure error
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 19:26:35 -0700
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On Fri, Jun 17, 2005 at 10:29:51AM +0200, Wernher Friedrich wrote:
> I am trying to do a cross compilation, but the configure script is telling 
> me, that it does not find my Berkeley db.h file and that it is not the 
> right version and that it is not compilable.
> I am 100% sure that I have the right file and version, version 3.1.17.
> If I don't use mingw the configure script runs through without any problem, 
> as soon as I tell the script that the host machine will be : 
> --host=i386-mingw32 then the script gives me this error and it tells me to 
> report the bug to this email address.

A cross-compiler searches a particular set of directories for header files.  The
native compiler searches a different set of directories.  If you have db.h only
in a native headers directory, the cross-compiler will not find it.  In that
case, you need to install Berkeley DB headers and mingw import libraries where
the cross-compiler will find them.

You can see the list of directories in which a gcc will find headers files by
inspecting the output of `gcc -v -E - </dev/null'.

If you remain stuck, please post your exact `configure' invocations and paste
the resulting output.  Indicate the package you attempt to compile and type of
system on which you run the build.

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