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From: tlvogl
Subject: testsuite.log
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 17:07:07 -0500


After configuring, making and trying to test autoconf 2.58 (using the same 
version of automake (1.9.2) as another project that required autoconf 2.58 
or greater...), I received the following testsuite.log file and a message 
with a request to send it to this email.

I'm not very install-savvy. This was a fairly fresh install of LynxOS 4.0 
(about  a 3 year old OS) on an x86 platform and a perl 5.005.03 
installation that failed 3 tests (i/o pipe, op/stat, and lib/ipc_sysv -- 
with a redefinition issue of "union semun" for some semaphores...)
autoconf 2.5 is on the system now (default installation) and I don't know 
enough to know whether this is interfering.


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