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Re: 2.59d on OpenServer

From: Kean Johnston
Subject: Re: 2.59d on OpenServer
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 09:04:12 -0700
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Did you try removing the
  BIN_SH=xpg4; export BIN_SH

and the 'set -o posix' part?  Or maybe the part where it searches for a
better shell to not begin searching in /usr/bin/posix?  (I think it was
I will try that and report back.

I'm not really sure how to diagnose this further. Also, I will not
personally be able to fix it, because I no longer work for SCO,
I just answer the occasional email such as this one :)

Well, I'm afraid then if we don't find another shell or another person
that uses the shell and helps out with bug reports and/or testing for
the GNU autotools, then it's IMHO not worth pursuing.  Tim agreed we
could ignore this, and really you two guys are the only reason I've
been looking at this at all; if support for some not-really-popular
(to make it an understatement) system is going to rot anyway, we might
as well leave it that way.
Well, even though I dont work for SCO any more, most of my friends
do, and they will be more than happy to make any changes I suggest.
But I think there is an easier way to fix this.  bash is provided
on OpenServer 5 and OpenServer 6. UnixWare has a shell that works
without these limitations. Wouldn't the path of least resistance
be to simply set CONFIG_SHELL to /usr/bin/bash on OSR5 and OSR6 and
to /usr/bin/posix/sh on UnixWare 7 simply solve all of these

"Your self-crippling is your own business just as your limitations
 are society’s burden" -- Dan Simmons

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