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Re: Warning when using --host

From: Yevgen Muntyan
Subject: Re: Warning when using --host
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 17:34:33 -0600
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Paul Eggert wrote:

Yevgen Muntyan <address@hidden> writes:

So it read it as I should use --host when cross-compiling, and I don't
need to use --build

The very next paragraph in the documentation says this, which I
hope explains things.  If it's not clear enough please let us know.
It's crystal clear after I saw it :)
But it's very well hidden - it's in the paragraph after "If you mean to
override the result of `config.guess'" - I stopped reading right there
since I am didn't mean to override anything, I wanted --build to
be whatever my machine is. And the option descriptions give no
clue that there is this quirk about --host. --host description should
mention that you must use --build. From the other hand, not
using --build doesn't actually hurt - everything works as it does with
correct --build option, it's only warning that worried me; so the
paragraph about --host changing --build isn't correct (or does it pretend
the computer is running windows when you use --host=mingw without
--build?). Then, if --build is equal to --host, is it *cross*-compilation?
It might be that my notion of cross-compilation is different from
what documentation means, but then documentation could have some
better explanation of cross-compilation business.

Thank you,

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