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Test 92 fails with an indefinite hang as does test 220

From: I. Thomas Cundiff
Subject: Test 92 fails with an indefinite hang as does test 220
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 12:15:53 -0500
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On II.19.2004, I configured, build, tested and installed autoconf-2.59 without any apparent problems. The make check said that 175 tests were successful and 8 tests were skipped.

When I try to upgrade to autoconf-2.61, the make check now gives problems. But first the 'configure' step (I took the defaults) and the 'make' step appear to execute successfully. The 'make check' ran through the first 91 tests with either an 'ok' or (very occasionally) that the test was skipped. However test 92 AC_CONFIG_FILES, HEADERS, LINKS, and COMMANDS in the testing config.status section just hangs the computer and Ctrl-C does not stop it, so finally I had to give Ctrl-Alt-Delete and reboot. After some work, I discovered the section in ./tests/torture.at which initiated this test. I used EMACS to delete lines 130-209 of this file and re-ran make check which now continues (with the original numbering above 91 one less) through test 221 with again either an 'ok' or the test (again, very occasionally) was skipped. Unfortunately, test 220 (in the revised numbering) AC_PROG_SED also causes a hang and again I had to reboot.

I am on SED-4.1.5 which is the latest version of SED that I could find on the GNU archive. I also am using GCC-4.1.1 but I don't think it was used in the build step.

One other point: The build directory is a subdirectory of /Aux/Install which is on partition /dev/hdb4 while directory / is on partition /dev/hda4. Also, I am running the configure, build and make check as root. I mention these things since I build quite a bit of LINUX software and very occasionally there have been problems in the past. I configured, built and tested GCC-4.1.1 (and then installed it) without any problems that I could see. The build took 5 hours and 36 minutes and the testing took 5 hours and 41 minutes. Also, when I tested SED-4.1.5, I got a message that all 75 tests were passed.

Recently I had a problem with gettext-0.61.1 and I contacted Bruno Haible with attachments of what had happened as well as other files which I thought might be useful. He responded very quickly with requests for more information which I sent back and he was able to diagnose what was happening and he had prepared a fix for the next version of gettext. Meanwhile, I, based on comments he made, was able to figure out what I needed to do to get the error in the build to go away, and successfully tested and installed it. I mention this since I wondered if perhaps I should have sent this e-mail to address@hidden Also, if any files from the autoconf-2.61 build directory would be useful, I would be happy to send them.

With this kind of problem in the testing, I have been very reluctant to go ahead and install autoconf-2.61 although I note that the configure file in GLIBC-2.5 was generated with 2.61.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

Tom Cundiff

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