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problem with $srcdir and friends in autotest

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: problem with $srcdir and friends in autotest
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 22:41:44 -0400
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ive been converting some cheesy test systems from hand written makefiles to 
autotest and came across an issue with out of tree building and $srcdir ...

my test suite involves running a small program against a list of inputs and 
comparing the output with known good stuff ... since the output can easily be 
a few megs, i couldnt include them in the AT_CHECK() macro directly (causes 
m4 to eat up a lot of resources simply generating the testsuite script, plus 
i doubt bash or any other posix shell appreciate that sort of thing), i 
settled for something like this in tests/testsuite.at:
"$builddir/lot" "$srcdir/lot.input" > lot.out
bzcmp "$srcdir/lot.out.bz2" lot.out
], [0])

the tests/ subdir looks like:
tests/lot.c (lot is compiled)

building in tree works ok, but building out of tree yields:

using $top_srcdir/tests/lot.input works though both in and out of tree ...

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