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RE: test for restrict fails with MS compiler

From: Jerker Bäck
Subject: RE: test for restrict fails with MS compiler
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 18:23:21 +0200

Hello Ralf,
> That would be a bug in MSVC, right?
Generally speaking, the error have not so much to do with the restrict
keyword. This only affects when you typedef a custom type and later try to
change its behaviour. The MS compiler is known to look deep when preprocess
and make warnings or errors according to certain rules. The limitation here
is probably intentional, not a bug. My comment on this was only that I agree
with the compiler. Don't you?

In the real world, GNU regex is using the restrict keyword in its
extern int __cdecl regcomp (re_pattern_buffer_t* __restrict, const char*
__restrict, int);
- Works for me. Note the difference from the test declarations.

Anyway, if autoconf wish to support the MS compiler, the change in the test
is simple.

FYI the environment is x86_64 Interix 6 (Vista x64 SUA) AFAIK the restrict
keyword is not supported for MS compilers < 1400 I will test with the Intel
compiler to see if there are any differences. My icc shell script is not
quite ready though.


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