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RE: new AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS breaks Interix?

From: Jerker Bäck
Subject: RE: new AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS breaks Interix?
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 14:22:20 +0200

> > Most likely, stale files, where your aclocal.m4 is including an old
> > definition that has a different dependency order than the new gnulib
> > definition.  I've seen similar errors, and the solution was a fresh 
> > bootstrap,
> > including gnulib-tool --import.
> With "aclocal --force"?  That awfully sounds like a caching bug then.
> Would be nice to have something reproducible.

Thanks for your answers,
Indeed, if I copy the m4 macros from a fresh gnulib, it works. So a bootstrap 
to get a
recent gnulib would probably solve it.

However, that is exactly what I don't want to do. Newer versions of gnulib have 
issues in Interix, not to mention any possible problems that would arise using 
a newer
version of gnulib in a release package. Besides, there is no bootstrap script 
in the bison
2.3 package.

aclocal.m4 is replaced by autoreconf. I deleted the cache - no effect.

Any other workaround?

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