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Re: [Autoconf.in]Error 1:The system cannot find the path

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: [Autoconf.in]Error 1:The system cannot find the path
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 05:51:37 -0700
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According to wangbookbin on 12/1/2007 12:08 AM:
> Hello:
> I use Cygwin 3.3.3

There's no such thing.  But that does sound like you could use an upgrade,
since cygwin is now at 1.5.24, and the setup.exe for cygwin allows you to
install m4 1.4.10, autoconf 2.61, and perl 5.8.8 directly into /usr/bin
(and not /usr/local/bin, as your earlier mail showed as the location for
your m4).

> and the latest DJGPP

I hear very little about DJGPP these days, and it seems more or less like
a dying project.  At any rate, DJGPP is not very compatible with cygwin,
since they have different notions of how to interpret file names, so if
you truly want to go the cygwin route, I'd recommend using just cygwin and
not mixing in any other windows ports of free software.  But then, the
cygwin.com mailing lists may be more relevant to your issues.

> , m4 , perl is available and use
> Cygwin make DJGPP Environment. How  all available in a single project ?

Cygwin provides a single emulation environment via cygwin1.dll, then ports
a number of projects into that environment, all downloadable through a
single installer.

> If Autoconf 2.62  been released , the Autoconf is Ok to ./configure &&
> make && make install &  autom4te  like m4 ?

You should not need to run autom4te manually.  And unless you are a
package developer, you should not need to run autoconf or even need m4
installed - the point of autoconf is to generate a self-contained
./configure that will work on machines that lack GNU m4, perl, and/or
autoconf.  And even if you did want to run autoconf (not autom4te, which
is run under the hood by autoconf), it should be run prior to ./configure,
not after make install.  I'm not sure what you are really trying to
accomplish here.

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