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Re: fpurge.c, freadahead.c, freading.c make wrong assumption

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: fpurge.c, freadahead.c, freading.c make wrong assumption
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 21:01:14 -0600
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According to Brian K. White on 4/7/2008 1:16 AM:

Hello Brian, and adding bug-autoconf,

| Roger Cornelius wrote:
|> to answer question 1, there are no #defines to relate the __ struct

Your quoting style left a bit to be desired - it took me a while to
realize you were quoting Bruno...

| ----------
| I am hitting the same thing.

up through this point.

| I was only able to build gnu m4 1.4.11 by doing this:
| CONFIG_SHELL=/usr/bin/bash /usr/bin/bash ./configure --disable-largefile
CONFIG_SHELL=/usr/bin/bash CFLAGS="-D_ptr=__ptr -D_base=__base
- -D_cnt=__cnt -D_flag=__flag"

The -D_flag=__flag and friends are useful to bug-gnulib; hopefully Bruno
can make more sense of how to fix our stdio replacement functions to
correctly look inside the struct for your system.

| The bash weirdness came out of /usr/local/src/m4-1.4.11/INSTALL, and was
the only way to get ./configure to run at all. Otherwise even just
"./configure --help" failed with configure: 942: : is not an identifier"
Line number is just an example. Several (but not most) apps ./configure
had the same problem, but it no longer fails on any app after installing
the new m4. But in each case, though the line number differed the line was
always this one: ac_subst_files='' which looks harmless but always comes
right after a very large list being set in another variable.

Line 942 of m4 1.4.11's configure is not the ac_subst_files='' line, so
I'm not quite sure what you were seeing.  But the fact that you had to use
CONFIG_SHELL means that your system's /bin/sh is rather limited, and it
took an explicit bash override to work around it.  What version/flavor is
your system's /bin/sh?  Could you post the output of '/bin/sh -vx
./configure --help' to bug-autoconf so we can identify why we weren't
automatically recognizing your /bin/sh as inadequate to begin with?

But the statement that ./configure scripts no longer fail when invoked by
/bin/sh after installing the new m4 is confusing - how does the
installation of m4 impact the operation of your shell?

| Also, for reference, My gcc defines are somewhat different on a nominaly
similar system. Open Server 5.0.7 with the most recent (old as it is)
vendor-built gcc, 2.95 from gnutools5.0.7Kj.

At this point, your platform is a museum piece.  While it is admirable
that you are trying to get it working, and even succeeding to some degree,
you will find that much of your work will be unsupported, as we tend to
prefer more up-to-date systems.  The maintenance-to-usage ratio is pretty
small to justify some of the hacks necessary to work on various old
machines.  That's not to say that we plan on ignoring you, just that you
should not hold your expectations too high.

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Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!

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