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Re: fix for fugly autoconf 2.62 bug

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: fix for fugly autoconf 2.62 bug
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 06:25:24 -0600
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According to Per √ėyvind Karlsen on 4/20/2008 6:01 AM:
|>> Oh, I'm mixing up bugzilla entries, I actually meant
|>> http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=217976.
|> thanks, the patch you posted does fix this.  i wonder why it doesnt fail
|> with 2.61 though since the code in question is the same ...
| The change resulting in this is the following:
| -for ac_tag in[]dnl
| +eval set X "dnl
|    m4_ifdef([_AC_SEEN_CONFIG(FILES)],    [:F $CONFIG_FILES])[]dnl
|    m4_ifdef([_AC_SEEN_CONFIG(HEADERS)],  [:H $CONFIG_HEADERS])[]dnl
|    m4_ifdef([_AC_SEEN_CONFIG(LINKS)],    [:L $CONFIG_LINKS])[]dnl
| +  m4_ifdef([_AC_SEEN_CONFIG(COMMANDS)], [:C $CONFIG_COMMANDS])[]dnl
| +"
| +shift
| +for ac_tag

Thanks for the details.  This commit was made by Ralf, not me, so it gives
further argument to the rule of reporting to the bug list rather than a
private developer (particularly since I didn't have access to my email
over the weekend, leading to this lag in reading your complete thread).

| eval will threat the $CONFIG_FILES variable and friends as multiple
lines if
| the variables contains newlines. Example:
| bar"
| eval set X ":F $CONFIG_FILES"
| This will be processed as:
| set X :F foo
| bar
| Where 'set X :F foo' will be one command on the first line and 'bar' a new
| command on second line.

Ah.  So the old behavior allowed arbitrary whitespace, but the new
behavior drops support for newlines.  I think a nicer patch would use a
shell case statement to only do the extra fork to convert newlines into
spaces only when newlines are present.  But I'll let Ralf have first crack
at this problem.

|>>> dont autoconf bug reports normally go to the autoconf mailing list
|>>> rather than specific people ?
|>> Sure, but I don't maintain autoconf on a regular basis and don't want to
|>> sign up on yet another mailing list, therefore I'm sending it to upstream
|>> maintainer and you. :)
|> i think the autoconf patches list is open ... or at least, you'll get
|> moderated through
|> -mike
| I'll make use of the mailing list in the future. :)

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