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RE: testsuite.log for autoconf 2.63 on OS X 10.3.9 Server

From: Frisch, Lillian Lena
Subject: RE: testsuite.log for autoconf 2.63 on OS X 10.3.9 Server
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 23:58:14 -0500


> Thanks for the in-depth look at my testsuite logfile.  Is it still safe
> to run autoconf as is, or should I wait for a note back from MacOS
> bugs?  It seems like that might take a while.  I did update aclocal and
> automake successfully afterwards.

It seems like autoconf is working just fine except for the duplicated
directory listings, you are probably fine installing it while you wait for
an answer from the MacOS people.

OK, I sent Apple a description of the issue with autoconf.  I hope they still 
offer support for older versions of OS X, as my lab head is quite the miser.

> Thanks for your help.  I'm updating all of this because GD, a perl
> module, wants newer, tastier versions of autoconf and automake than the
> ones that came with the OS.  Without GD, the Ensembl server is a no-go. 
> It has been a very interesting and instructive rabbit hole through which
> I have meandered ;).  Many things in computing are like that.

Are you actually developing Ensembl?  If so, then yes, development often
comes with a lot of prerequisites.  If not, consider using Ensembl
tarballs that don't require you to rerun autoconf/automake, or else report
a bug to the Ensembl developers (after all, the point of the autotools is
to allow packages to create tarballs that do NOT need the autotools).

I am developing Ensembl to the extent that I am creating a local server for one 
of the tropical medicine/entomology labs here. It will only include some of the 
genomes (3 in fact: the mosquito genomes) and will only be available for use by 
the lab and the lab head's students.  I do not intend to extend the abilities 
of various Ensembl components (though I am sure the lab head would like that), 
but only to ensure that my lab head and fellow students can successfully run 
all queries and other research on every attempt instead of rolling the dice 
with the Ensembl website along with everybody else around the world.  The 
requirements do seem fairly convoluted, but I'm not sure how many versions of 
Ensembl I can go back and install safely.  Some of the genomes we require were 
included fairly recently, too (genome versions, along with other genetic 
information, change with Ensembl versions).  There are also other sundry 
problems with various perl modules, but I am focusing on overcoming the 
autotools issue right now and really appreciate your attention to my specific 

*(after all, the point of the autotools is
to allow packages to create tarballs that do NOT need the autotools).*

YES, this is what I have thought at many points along this great adventure 
about many pieces of software.  This young padwan has much to learn, it seems.

Thanks for your active support.


Lillian L. Frisch
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine


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