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Re: strdup falsely detected when CFLAGS contains -ansi on MSYS/MinGW (gc

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: strdup falsely detected when CFLAGS contains -ansi on MSYS/MinGW (gcc)
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2009 06:01:55 -0700
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According to Chris Pickett on 1/6/2009 12:24 AM:
> I looked at lib/autoconf/specific.m4 and read the manual on Autoheader
> macros, and it seems like this isn't easy.  We want:
> #ifdef __STRICT_ANSI__
> # undef __STRICT_ANSI__
> #endif
> to be generated in config.h (or rather, I claim that we want that), but
> any #undef in config.h gets either turned into a #define or commented out!

You need a use of AH_VERBATIM, then.

>    `Currently, _all_ remaining `#undef' lines in the header template are
> commented out, whether or not there was a corresponding `AC_DEFINE' for
> the macro name; but this behavior is not guaranteed for future releases
> of Autoconf.'

This paragraph needs to be cleaned up a bit, to make it clear that text
supplied by AH_VERBATIM falls under different rules than text supplied by
the config.h.in template file.

> Can it be done safely with a call to AH_BOTTOM inside

AH_BOTTOM is not quite right.  But it seems like the existing AH_VERBATIM
already in AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS would be the right place to experiment
with this.

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