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Re: [GNU Autoconf 2.63] testsuite: 51 failed

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: [GNU Autoconf 2.63] testsuite: 51 failed
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 06:49:30 -0700
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According to Bert Timmerman on 2/22/2009 1:23 PM:
> Hi all,
> Fedora Core with all updates installed with yum and recently a M4-1.4.12
> rebuild and installed from SRPM.

Thanks for the report.  What shell are you using as /bin/sh?

| 51. m4sh.at:163: testing ...
| ./m4sh.at:199: autom4te --language=m4sh script.as -o script
| ./m4sh.at:200: ./script
| --- /dev/null 2009-01-29 06:54:28.586728317 +0100
| +++
| 2009-02-22 18:56:02.000000000 +0100
| @@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
| +./script: line 551: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'
| +./script: line 557: syntax error: unexpected end of file
| ./m4sh.at:200: exit code was 2, expected 0

Looking at the generated script, I see that line 551 falls in:

| echo=`$as_echo_n '
| \c'`

So it seems like your shell has a bug in its handling of `` that contains
a ''-quoted newline.  We need to know more about this shell, to see
whether this is something that autoconf needs to be aware of and avoid.

[I know that bash 4.0 was released last week, but have not yet had a
chance to test it on autoconf, to see if it introduces any shell bugs over
bash 3.2]

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