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Re: [2.63] - problem parsing generated configure or config.status

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: [2.63] - problem parsing generated configure or config.status
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 05:50:36 -0600
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According to Unknown on 6/24/2009 4:54 AM:
> Well. I have my reasons. To make long story short, cygwin-1.3.2 is
> small, fast and stable. I tried to upgrade once to cygwin-1.5. I lost
> peformance and even some apps wouldnt work at all under it (aka screen).

screen works with cygwin 1.7.0, which is faster and more stable than
cygwin 1.5.  Yes, cygwin 1.7 is still in beta, but only for a couple weeks
more.  I HIGHLY recommend that you upgrade - you are fighting more bugs
than you realize.

> 'ac_cr='
> +ac_cr=''

This has already been fixed for the upcoming autoconf 2.64.  The use of a
raw carriage return in a script is not portable, so newer autoconf no
longer does that (instead it uses tr to generate one on the fly).

> Seems its a carriage return code that breaks cygwin bash.

Only the super-old version of cygwin bash that you are using.  Again, this
does NOT choke the current cygwin release of bash.

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