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Re: _AS_ECHO_N_PREPARE - bug correction in ksh88 on AIX 6.1

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: _AS_ECHO_N_PREPARE - bug correction in ksh88 on AIX 6.1
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 08:01:15 -0600
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According to Ralf Wildenhues on 6/25/2009 9:18 PM:
> Hi Jan,
> * Jan Madzik wrote on Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 06:48:37PM CEST:
>> I found bug in korn shell (version M-11/16/88f) on AIX 6.1 (tested
>> only on one server instance) and due to this bug I couldn't correctly
>> configure ImageMagick.
> Confirmed on AIX 5.3, thanks for the bug report.
> This patch should be sufficient to fix this instance of the bug, but
> it's still lacking a testsuite and documentation addition.

So how exactly do you describe the bug?  Using 'echo \c' inside a command
substitution corrupts state until the next command substitution echo?
When this bug is detected, is it better to just try an alternate means for
printing text without a newline, such as printf, rather than trying to
audit all uses of echo \c?

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