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Re: ZILE 2.3.10 (Autoconf 2.64 finds deadly DJGPP Bash bug)

From: Rugxulo
Subject: Re: ZILE 2.3.10 (Autoconf 2.64 finds deadly DJGPP Bash bug)
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 14:12:27 -0500


On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 8:32 AM, Reuben Thomas<address@hidden> wrote:
> (snip pointers to Autoconf macros for DOS)
> Let me know if you do manage to sort out Zile building under some
> flavour of DOS again, and I'll add DOS filesystem support for ".zile"
> and the ".ZILESAVE" suffix of emergency save files.

I already added "_zile" support, it wasn't hard. But if you have a
better way ....

Yes, it does build, but only if you get past "./configure" !! This is
a very very difficult problem for me.

Anyways, in my mind the possible solutions to this issue are as follows:

1). Do nothing, let ZILE not be ported to DOS, let Gnulib and Autoconf
lose DJGPP support, let Bash stay buggy (this is so difficult that I
am partially tempted !!)     :-(
2). Find the problem in 2.64's configure, and work around it (and in
Autoconf too, if possible) since DJGPP Bash is stable (heh) and very
common   :-)
3). Find the problem and patch DJGPP Bash and expect everyone to
upgrade (not the worst idea, and I'm 100% sure I know where the
problem is, but I don't know where/how to fix it)      :-/
4). Get you (ZILE maintainer) to downgrade to 2.63 or make your
configure.ac 2.59 compatible (DJGPP's latest version, which whines now
for various reasons, e.g. no flock support) or use Cygwin 2.63 to
regenerate it (I did this, but Cygwin didn't make it easy by a long
shot, stupid setup.exe updating version confusion ... and dependency,
ugh, had to touch it to Aug. 13 just so Makefile wouldn't try
rebuilding it)       :-/

The problem seems to be "return $ac_retval". So if you comment those
few out, it obviously won't work, but at least it won't crash. Don't
ask me why, I dunno. And since the return values are needed, without
this working it doesn't find a valid CPP, most header files (!), etc.
But hey, at least we know how to isolate it, mostly. Hopefully that
was the hardest part.   :-P

P.S. More good news:  C-x C-v still seems broken, even in Cygwin.   :-(

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