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Possible regression in autoconf 2.64 -- missing newline in configure scr

From: Staffan Gimåker
Subject: Possible regression in autoconf 2.64 -- missing newline in configure script
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 12:20:42 +0200


I got a autotools-related bug report from a user
( https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/416399) where the configure scripts
breaks after upgrading to autoconf version 2.64. The error is triggered
by the boost.m4 (http://repo.or.cz/w/boost.m4.git -- appears to be down
at the moment) script we use to detect boost.

How to reproduce: Untar the attached files and run autoreconf -i (using
autoconf 2.64).

The error: A non-functional configure script is produced, with the
offending lines being:

    boost_cv_lib_version=`cat conftest.i`
  firm -f conftest*

where they should in fact be:

    boost_cv_lib_version=`cat conftest.i`
  rm -f conftest*

(the latter is what autoconf 2.63 produces)

The error has been reproduced with the following configurations:
  autoconf 2.64, automake 1.11, m4 1.4.13 (Debian ?)
  autoconf 2.64, automake 1.11, m4 1.4.6 (OS X)
  autoconf 2.64, automake 1.11, m4 1.4.12 (Debian Testing, by me)

It works as expected with:
  autoconf 2.63, aclocal 1.11, automake 1.11, m4 1.4.12 (Fedora)

At a glance, it seems like autoconf is the likely culprit, but you never
know. That's as far as I can diagnose the problem. Any ideas?


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