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Re: Autoconf and DJGPP

From: Rugxulo
Subject: Re: Autoconf and DJGPP
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 00:24:40 -0500


* Rugxulo wrote on Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 09:44:15PM CEST:
>> I don't think that's necessary at this point. *NEW!* Andris Pavenis
>> seems to have fixed the bug (at least with 2.05b) via a small patch
>> (see below):
>> http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/mail-archives/browse.cgi?p=djgpp-workers/2009/09/09/03:35:08
> Cool.  I have a patch set that will probably be ready this weekend,
> to work around the issue and a few others on DJGPP, in Autoconf.
> Even with the bug, you can use
>  AS_SET_STATUS([$ac_retval])
> instead of '(return $ac_retval)' and still be efficient.  (Of course,
> only at the end of a function.)

Okay, I know this isn't directly related, but you guys seem to keep
thinking 2.05b is old and unused, and even I suspected it was more
widespread and probably not buggy on other OSes. At least now I know
for sure (see below).

Well, I'm out of town (90 miles north) with good ol' Dad for a week.
I'm actually on his Mac laptop (iBook G4), which is OS X 10.3.9
Panther PPC (I think). Here's a quick test result from the Terminal
(though no GCC installed, no surprise there):

000-00-00-000:~ blah$ cat gordon.sh

   echo Calling out to the world...
   echo `uname`
   echo Preparing to meet our maker!

000-00-00-000:~ blah$ uname -a
Darwin 000-00-00-000.client.mchsi.com 7.9.0 Darwin Kernel Version
7.9.0: Wed Mar 30 20:11:17 PST 2005;
root:xnu/xnu-517.12.7.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC  Power Macintosh powerpc
000-00-00-000:~ blah$ ./gordon.sh
Calling out to the world...
Preparing to meet our maker!
000-00-00-000:~ blah$ echo $BASH_VERSION
000-00-00-000:~ blah$

(edited for a bit of anonymity, God knows why ...)

Even without DJGPP installed here, I'm pretty sure the "bug" on DJGPP
(pre-2.05br3) was that it crashed instead of continuing to the
"Preparing ..." text. Hence it's not a Bash bug, only a DJGPP no-fork

P.S. Yes, I know, it's not exactly the newest OS X (10.6.1), but hey,
it exists, and it's only a five-year-old laptop, I think. The worst
part is that you have to upgrade the OS for most apps to work these
days. And Snow Leopard drops support for PPC, oh well.   :-P

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